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446 Marsac ave.

park city

check in:   4:00 PM

check out:  10:00 AM

name: StepsToMain

password: Bailbot2019

front door: 2018

garage: 2018

Hello and Welcome!


We know you must be looking forward to your time in Park City. We hope you have a lovely time and if we can be of any service to you throughout your stay then please let us know. Please make yourselves at home! Have a look through the cupboards

to familiarize yourself with the contents of the property. The property should be clean with clean bedding on the beds and clean towels in the cupboards. If you find anything to not be to your satisfaction please inform me within the first 24 hours of arriving at the property.



You will have room for one vehicle in the drive way. Should you need to

accommodate more, there is a paid parking lot across the

street (reasonable rates). Or if you drive a bit further up the hill, there is

a small free parking area immediately to the right after the parking lot



The kitchen is equipped with all necessary equipment to cook up your favorite gourmet meal! As you will see, all appliances are brand new. The cooktop can be a bit tricky to ignite. When igniting, hold down knob and turn slightly to left (as normal), then hold there for 3-4 seconds before rotating further to desired temperature, then release. Also, the microwave is located in the island. Please use the “open” and “close” buttons instead of just pulling on the handle. Feel free to use what spices, etc. are available. Lastly, please use the hanging cutting board for non-meat products. There is another all-use cutting board inside the corner cabinet. My vegetarian family thanks you:)

Living Room

The TV is operated by the remotes, which should be setting on the

coffee table. Please remove shoes and boots at the front landing or garage before entering the home. The hot tub on the back porch should be ready for your use. Please dry off fully before entering the house. The wood floors thank you:)


Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Upstairs you will find the master bedroom and master bath. All supplies are provided. Downstairs will be 2nd and 3rd bedrooms. The 3rd bedroom has a bunkbed with a pullout bed. Extra linens can be found inside the downstairs’ bedroom closets. Also downstairs is the second full bathroom with all supplies provided. Across from bathroom you will notice a full size washer and dryer. Should you have any questions with how to operate, feel free to give me a call.



Inside the garage is a sauna should you feel the need to relax a bit after

a long day. Simply plug in the power cord and set the temp to desired temperature. It can take a good 30 minutes to heat up. The access code from outside is 2136.


The home has smoke and CO2 detectors. Fire Extinguishers are located on each floor. Master Bath under the sink. Kitchen under the kitchen sink. Lower level inside the garage.

Grocery Stores

Provisions Small, right in town, they serve breakfast, have a great coffee bar, and upstairs you have a great selection of prepared meals, ready to heat options, condiments etc. Walking distance from the house!

The Market at Park City


• Take out all trash to the trash bin and place cans and paper

products in the recycling bin.

• Place all used sheets and towels on the bathroom floor.

• Load and run the dishwasher.

• Remove any opened food items from the refrigerator.

• Turn off lights, ceiling fans or other electronics.

• In winter, turn heat to 58º F. In summer, turn air conditioning to

85º F.

• Lock the doors, close the windows

• Please depart by 10AM so we can prepare the house for our

next set of guests.

• Have a safe journey home!

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