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This bedroom is the result of traveling to Lima, Peru and Copenhagen, Denmark within weeks of each other.  Scandinavian lines mixed with some tribal inspired baskets and geometric shapes... voila! You can be in 2 different continents simultaneously.


Entry Way

First impressions matter.  A clean and simple entryway serves as the welcome center of your home.  In this space, the bench is a practical place to put on shoes as everyone hurries out of the house.  The mirror often reminds the male teenager in the family that he is still rocking bedhead.  


wine cellar

In San Diego, coat closets only serve the purpose of collecting clutter.  This entry closet got a new life housing 600 wine bottles in their new temperature controlled cellar patiently awaiting consumption.

IMG_4816 3.jpg


Open shelving is not scary, it's practical.  After being asked a million times for a glass of water from my kids' friends, I realized the beauty of having my glasses where everyone can see and reach.  "Please help yourself, Sweetie" I reply as I skirt my hosting responsibilities.   


Living room

This modern space was created for a family on the go.  The sight lines help Mom bark orders while cooking.  The minimalist approach is one strategy for not having much to pick up when company pops over for a visit.  The vibe is a blend of Scandinavian with some Boho touches using kid tested materials to withstand daily wear.

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